BNP Stock Photography

This popped through my door today.



Freedom of speech is a great thing and they have every right to post flyers through my door.

However, as a graphic designer I can't help but play the game of 'They're not real people, I wonder where they got the stock image from'. Its a good game and keeps me quiet for ages.

Anyone else recognise the pretend people our friendly faced fascists are touting around as real testimonial? Email me at , or comment on Reddit if you find any.

I'll start. Old couple on the back is iStock number File #: 5048614

not real people....


More thanks to Redditiers

iStock number File #: 2192770

iStock number File #: 5132168

iStock number File #: 6426547


And they even have a Polish Spitfire....


Thought the Guard looked real - Oh, hang on.....


This isn't even a stock site - they nicked it... This comes from the Daily Mail and is labeled as 'file picture', which you would assume means they own the usage rights


All solved! The family on the front is a BNP shot

Begs a question. Is this a violation of iStock rules and if so, what are they going to do about it?

and with their history of support for the British Union of Fascists, the Daily Mail must find this a tad embarrassing, so it will interesting to see if they will, or even want to do something to distance themselves.